About Us

Since 1972 CommunityNashville has been dedicated to advocating for and raising awareness of issues of bias, bigotry, racism and threats to human rights in the region.

CommunityNashville's nationally recognized Building Bridges program works with youth; helping them face their own feelings, as they learn about the root causes of prejudice, become more understanding and learn to respect others.

With support from the Fund for Strategic Opportunities at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee CommunityNashville has transitioned its Building Bridges programs to the Oasis Center and has reorganized itself to continue the Human Relations Award Dinner as a funding source for Building Bridges at Oasis.

As a volunteer organization, CommunityNashville is committed to continue its outreach and advocacy work with a focus on their role as conveners on issues of human rights. Join us!

Want to get involved? Call us at 615-327-1755 or Email us at info@communitynashville.org.

CommunityNashville participates in the Community Foundation’s Giving Matters program. You can find more information, including financial information, the most recent 990 and other documentation.



1704 Charlotte Avenue, Suite 200

Nashville, TN 37203

Phone: (615) 327-1755

Email: info@communitynashville.org