Building Bridges Programs

CommunityNashville Building Bridges programs at the Oasis Center are designed to help participants identify and overcome biases and prejudices without sacrificing individual identity characteristics, such as faith, culture or gender. These programs operated by The Oasis Center educate, empower and equip youth with the tools and skills necessary to communicate effectively and build respectful, truth-based relationships.

CommunityNashville Building Bridges programs explore topics ranging from diversity and stereotyping to social justice and community building. The core Building Bridges programs are highlighted below.

Learn more about the Camp AnyTown experience with this short video.




Widely recognized as one of the most successful, life-changing, leadership and cultural diversity programs for youth in America. AnyTown is a 6-day residential retreat designed for high school students (10-12th grade) to engage in meaningful dialogue across differences. Each day students will get an opportunity to live with and get to know others that may come from different backgrounds. We will also spend time learning about ourselves and how to create change through our individual AND collective voices.

AnyTown is a safe and brave space and we welcome any young person looking for a new and challenging experience outside the typical camp experience. 



A three-day residential leadership and skills development retreat for students from public and private schools in Middle Tennessee. Students learn to interrupt prejudice, be a catalyst for inclusive behavior and cross barriers that often lead to anger, racially-related incidents of violence and create poor learning environments.



A student lead three-day residential leadership and skills development retreat within one school that offers students an intense human relations experience, where they can build self esteem and receive leadership education in a non-classroom environment. School leaders who emerge from the retreat develop in collaboration with staff and faculty leadership action plans that are executed through out the year at their high school.


Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

A group of young people chosen to support Building Bridges staff in achieving organizational goals, offer and facilitate diversity training to other youth groups, and help create positive change in their respective schools and communities.

For more information about Building Bridges or to get involved, contact Tasha Fletcher, Building Bridges Coordinator and Camp Director at 615- 983-6827 or