Special Awards and Recognitions from CommunityNashville/NCCJ

The Jerry Thompson Communicator Lifetime Achievement Award

This award, named in memory of Jerry Thompson recognizes individuals  who like Jerry dedicate their lives and journalism careers to giving a voice to those without a voice and speaking out for a more diverse and inclusive community. Recipients include:

  • May Dean Eberling (2003)
  • Dwight Lewis (2005)
  • Gail Kerr (2011)

The Peggy Weil Steine Eternal Light Award

This award named in memory of Peggy Steine a life-long supporter of community and justice recognizes faith leaders who choose to bring together our faith communities in ways that promote inclusion and understanding.  Recipients include:

  • Rev. Phillip Breen (2004)
  • Rev. Joe Pat Breen (2004)
  • Rev. Bill Barnes (2005)
  • Dianne Gilbert (2006)

The Peggy Steine Memorial Award for Human Rights Collaboration

In 2010 CommunityNashville recognized that while individual recognitions are important, in the struggle for a more diverse and inclusive community it is often groups that come together in times of challenge that make a difference. Therefore again in memory of Peggy Steine we recognize groups of individuals that stand up and act to fight racism, bias and bigotry in our community. Recipients include:

  • Nashville For All Of Us (2010)
  • The Jewish Federation (2011)
  • Avi Poster and Tom Negri (2013)

The CommunityNashville Lifetime Achievement in Justice and Human Relations Award

In recognition of a lifetime of work in human relations, and leadership in the struggle to have a fair and just community, this award was given in 2008 to:

  • Aldopho A. Birch, Jr (2008)

The CommunityNashville Director’s Youth Award

Youth leaders make the CommunityNashville Building Bridges programs relevant and challenging. These programs are life-changing in part because they are youth led and a safe place is made by the youth volunteers who lead the camps. In recognition of their time and commitment to the Building Bridges programs, the following recipients have received this award:

  • Hannah Cornfield (2009)
  • Jesse White (2009)
  • Rachel Zolensky (2009)